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Posted by rogue_writer on 2005.12.31 at 06:46
What's Hot? - Stand up Comedy

Adam Hills
Marcus Brigstocke
Alan Carr
Adam Bloom
Jeremy Hardy

These people are MIGHTY.

Posted by rogue_writer on 2005.11.08 at 23:53
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Me and Sandra talking about all the ginger men that have suddenly started appearing.
Me: Mark at work. He's kind of like Glen, same eyes and colouring but much slimmer.
She: So he's a squid, basically?
Me: ... Squid lite.


Our version of Mark Geary on a plane. Priceless.
She: He'll come into Starbucks one day... just jitter in...

She: In a cup the size of MARK.

She: You'll give him this giant bath of coffee the size that he is. ... with a little ladder.

She: We'll make a pact right here and now not to tell Emmet any of this stuff. Because it'd cheer him up too much and he'd never write any more songs.

Me: I don't know why I was so impressed at being able to remember that word.
She: Because it didn't begin as GINGER.

Me: We need to see ginger in Dundalk.
She: Yeah, and sit up so close that we make him cry just by LOOKING AT HIM.

"Marky? Were they yellow?"

She: If he's ever on livejournal.
Me: He won't know it's about him. Because we call him Mark. He'll never crack our subtle code.

She: Marky. It's my alter ego.

She: Except Claire's notes made sense.
Ginger -- coffeecoffee coffee? betiful ginger man.

Everything is funny.

Posted by kyrillion on 2005.10.31 at 22:00
the Panel this week! just for the KiwiCollapse )

Posted by rogue_writer on 2005.10.31 at 13:58
What's HOT:

Drogheda**: Dundalk proved to be "interesting".
Sombrero: Now you've ALL GOT IT IN YOUR HEAD. Ahahahahahaha.
Killiney Hill: In spite of the weather.
Waterford: Surprising.

What's NOT:

Dundalk **: Not hot at all. Fuckin' freezing, actually.
FIZZYPIGS: Those little gelatin sweet things, that are a bit like Haribo if Haribo were the SPAWN OF SATAN. Say it with me, kids: Fizzy Pig make FEEL SHIT! Icon forthcoming.
Losing Kiwi flatmates

** Because you can have one, but not the other.

Posted by kyrillion on 2005.10.25 at 22:42

Posted by rogue_writer on 2005.06.15 at 03:17
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In the kitchen:

Claire: *making toast. Says something*
Rogue: YOU H0R.
Anna: *Sat in chair, confused*
C: Random quotes from our online talk
R: *dying with laughter*

Yes, we had conversations over the internet whilst five feet away, why would you ask?

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Posted by shihadchick on 2005.06.15 at 00:59
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"Think straight thoughts! No! No! I mean, think gay thoughts! ...I got confused."

This is what happens when you make flaily Charlie read lotrips fic. HEE.

EDIT: We just spent, like three minutes trying to directly connect on AIM and getting frustrated when it wouldn't work after a link to a picture she wanted me to see wouldn't work. ...and then I remembered I could just get up, walk over, and look at her screen. *facepalm*

Charlie: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y104/artworkslive/geneshallot.jpg
Charlie: wELL. dO YOU?
me: did you break your capslock over whateveritis?
me: (it's not loading)
Charlie: I... may have done
Charlie: SHUT UP
me: wants to directly connect.
Charlie: YOU SUCK
me: YOU SUX0R!
Charlie: Can you direct connect?
Charlie: wants to directly connect.
me: I tried!!
Charlie: U H0R
Charlie: cancels request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
Charlie: You TRY
Charlie: O NO I DIN't!!!!eleventy!!!! U SOXURED HIS CRAPPY SIDEKICK
me: wteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeef = soxuring???
Charlie: YOU SOXUR

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day whatever: still have hardon for Sean Bean.

Posted by shihadchick on 2005.06.11 at 12:04
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"Why isn't Sean the voice of Aslan, please? Why not? That would be hot! Except then I would want to shag a lion..." *trails off*

Curiously enough, given the Lack of Sleep in this room, everything is funny. Gee, I wonder why?

"there's a picture of Sean as Boromir, and Viggo as thingybob, and Orlando as doodah, and someone's photoshopped a dress onto Orlando--"

...I dunno, the doodah bit was just funny. to me. oddly enough.

"you're like evil Bill Flanagan! he made them look cool! you make me look silly. every time you type a little piece of me dies inside! stop typing! stop shaking with laughter!"

"'where's julia?' i don't know! in my pants!"

...i don't know whether to be amused or concerned that she's sitting an exam in this state.

"I want Sean Bean naked. In the film entitled "Sean Bean. Naked." Starring Sean Bean. Naked." It went on longer but I got yelled at again. Plus she's telling me I'm too gay. (With the Time Warp on my iPod, I mean, c'mon! It's Rocky Horror!)

Me: "You really are Manny."
Her: "Fuck you!! Fuck you you tree-hugging tree-shagging hippie!"

"you may remember me from such hardons as - Hey! Huge hardon! -- are you laughing at me?"

Needless to say this is all her. Er. Just if that wasn't obvious. Oh, we know no one but us is laughing. :D

"i'm about to be aroused by a Morrison's advert. ah! fuck you! i'm not saying anything ever again!" (for those of you playing along at home she lasted precisely 0.2 seconds before the next word.)

"you suck the llama! ...the fact that that obviously physically hurt you makes it so much more satisfying." (am doubled over with tears of laughter, neither of us can breathe, it huuuuurts.)

"breathing, septum optional."

"it really hurts!! in that, ow, this is painful way."

"if i could stand up right now... instead, i'm just killing off sperm."

"so, Bono, what are you singing today?" "uh... dog ate my homework."

"dear bono. stop being crap. love, larry. ps you suck."

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Bucking for Most Rapidly Defriended Community Ever...

Posted by shihadchick on 2005.06.08 at 03:22
Current Mood: hysterical. again. how will we last til October??
Current Music: Rogue's tiny violin. That she keeps playing for me.
Charlie: Single breeds hope! Hope leads to hardons! ... it's Yoda for the 21st Century. Except it would've been funnier if he'd said that. 'anger leads to suffering, suffering leads to hardons...'

Charlie: I AM the fucking Stiffy on the Liffey!

Claire: *sat at the table, eating* *says something unintentionally funny*
Charlie: *laughs so hard that she gets coffee up her nose, can't swallow her mouthful, makes apologetic face and turns to window to spit back into coffee mug* "I'm sorry, that was disgusting."
Anna: "No, no, that's not disgusting. I'll tell you what's disgusting--"
Charlie: "No! Don't tell me! I don't want to know what's disgusting-"
Anna: [I'm paraphrasing and condensing the story] "No, this isn't so bad. We don't find things like that 'disgusting' at home. But the boyfriend I had a while ago, he was always "don't burp in public, it's disgusting, you're a lady, don't" and so on, and then we break up and *puts on tearful boy voice* "I love youuuuu don't leave, who's going to burb at me noooooooow??" "
Charlie: *laughs so hard that she gets coffee up her nose, can't swallow her mouthful, makes apologetic face and turns to window to spit back into coffee mug. again.*
Me: *laughing at her*
All of us: *stuck in the giggle loop from hell*
Giggle Loop from Hell: *winds down*
Charlie: *takes another gulp of coffee*
Me and Charlie: *look at each other*
Giggle Loop from Hell: *resumes suddenly and near-catastrophically*
Charlie: "I can never drink coffee again! I hate you!"

The worst part is a) that the giggle loop keeps resurfacing occasionally, (pity Anna and Rory) and b) that NEITHER of us for the lives of us can recall what I said to start the whole thing. Damnit.

Updates as they come in.


Me: "I have to go change my pants." (Rory knocked my tea over, I wore most of it.)
Charlie: "I just choked on my own spit!"
Me: *laughs at her*
Charlie: "If my septum falls out you're buying me a new one."

vibrating at the speed of light [X Wings

In Which I steal the Community's Virginity. Or something.

Posted by shihadchick on 2005.06.07 at 05:37
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Charlie: I'm not OCD about much, but the fact it's been deepthroated...

Memo to us: we need to buy a new roll of clingfilm tomorrow.


Charlie: The REAL reason Adam would be a giraffe is the length of their tongues.

Charlie: I can't look at a banana ever again, cos all I can think of is Rory and Anna trying to deepthroat one of them too. So much food I can never look at again!

*a minute passes*

Charlie: I can never eat long food again!